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Fuck Your Mama type vibe

Where we Capture Pain. Find Perspective, Use it Purposefully to Release Power.



UnMotherFuckYourself is a sacred language that speaks to the pain but also the healing of adult daughters who are on a pivotal journey to break free from maternal abuse and dysfunction. With such a bold name, our founder, Sharisa Robertson, your Emotional Midwife knows that an even bolder and authentic, transparent approach is required and needed to not only talk about and create awareness on such a taboo topic that has been ignored and silenced many daughters. She believes that when the woman in you can heal the daughter in you, you become to yourself the mother you have always needed and deserved. Having both the perspective of being not only a mama but also a daughter who has experienced being abused mentally, verbally, physically, emotionally and even financially by her mother, not only in her childhood but well into her adulthood, Sharisa is determined to be the leader of providing solutions, conversation, research, and awareness concerning the mother-daughter crisis and creating platforms dealing with toxic mothering and its negative effects. With a generational and global impact, UnMotherFuckYourSelf sets a standard that defies and disrupts any dysfunction by normalizing healing, one daughter at a time.


So what do you do when the one who birthed you is the one who hurt you?

UnMotherFuckYourSelf says you heal the shit that your mother didn't, couldn't, or wouldn't, and mother your damn self with no apologies.

Are you ready? Your healing is long overdue!


Sharisa hosting her first live Sip and Heal in January 2020