Mothering Yourself on Mother's Day

No stressing today!
You want to wish your mother a Happy Mother's Day but you really don't want to talk to her because things always go left, no matter the day..text her, drop off a card
You don't like to buy Mother's Day cards because they are not truly reflective of your relationship
Buy a nice generic card and write in it.
You feel fake and like you're betraying yourself calling your mother telling her Happy Mother's Day, then don't and be ok with your decision, not what the world tells you to do.
You haven't talked to your mother in a while but want to give her a call, let today be the day if that is what you want to do.
If your mother has passed away and you never had a chance to tell her how you feel, write her a letter, let it out for once and for all. Then you can keep it, burn it, tear it.
A Happy Mother's Day is also a Happy Mother Me day. Do what is best for you and your well-being.
Breathe easy and follow your heart.

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