Stop the Cycle

Sometimes her mother broke her and left her in pieces.
Sometimes her mother cut her with the pieces of her own broken heart.
Sometimes her mother broke her and put her back together with her lies, her pain, her mistakes, her fears, and her shame.
She betrayed herself and partnered with her mother and became an accomplice to her own pain.
She began to suffer from an identity crisis.
It seems she wasn't enough to heal her mother.
It seems as if she wasn't enough for her mother to want to heal,
So she began to think she wasn't worth healing for.
And soon she believed she wasn't strong enough to heal herself.
She waited and hoped because she needed to see her mother heal just as much as she saw her mother hurt.
She needed to see her mother heal so she would know how to heal herself and that it was possible to do.
But like her mother, she became content living life in bondage, dressed as freedom.
Dysfunction became too common, too attainable, too familiar.
Who will break the cycle? Will you break the cycle?
Daughters, you can and will!

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