UMFY Playlist: Getting Through Your Mama Drama with Music




I wanted to give you the gift of music in this email. Music kept me sane during my teenage years and even into my adulthood. Out the blue awhile back, I start writing down songs for women (you) who are in a strained relationship with their mothers and realized I was putting together a playlist, in doing so I actually was able to unknowingly close a chapter for me and use it for my greater good, maybe even yours.


When I was a teenager, while girls were crying about how a boy broke their hearts, I used to silently cry at home, listening to love songs/heartbreak songs, wanting my first heartbreak, my mother to love me, see me, save me, change for me, choose me.

Now when I hear songs, I can grab a message of empowerment or a reminder to love myself in spite of all that I have been through and that is what I want to share with you. Many of these songs I know you have probably heard before, some maybe not. The playlist is 3 songs that have an underlying message for you to strengthen you on your journey. From tracks from Jill Scott and Auntie Mary J. Blige to Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe because you can feel your mother energy from 2 planets away, so you already know what she is about and what she is going to do, so protect your vibe and keep her at a distance if needed. See, I told you I can catch a message in a song (if you come across a song and want to know why I chose it, what the underlying message is, reply, I will definitely share). Play the music hear their pain, your pain, hear them call out the abuse, your abuse, hear them set boundaries, hear them vow to love themselves, feel them as they free themselves and stand in the affirmative, hear their journey as you embark on yours. 


The Playlist:


Until next time! Hugs and Healing!



Heal By Any Means Necessary,




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