You are She

She didn’t know that generations of pain were etched into the fibers of her DNA, permeated into her soul, tainted her true spirit. Wounds upon wounds, passed down, infected and untreated. She wore the words, actions, mistakes of her mother and others and became what was spoken and done to her and to them.

She contemplated what it would look and feel like to just honor herself. She smiled at the possibility and that shifted her perspective. Instead of focusing on the outside struggles that would come IF she did honor herself, she decided to focus on the personal success that would come BECAUSE she honored herself.
The thought of it seemed good, really good to her. So that is what she would do, her heart declared as her spirit leaped. Beautiful tears filled with healing flowed down her face. For once she didn’t try and stop them or wipe them away. She let them freely cleanse away everything that no longer was hers to carry and everything that didn’t belong to her, to begin with.

With a new outlook, for the first time, she looked deep into the eyes of the woman before her and saw herself more than just her mother’s daughter, more than just the self she created, even hid behind due to the unfolding of life misfortunes. She craved a connection to the familiar stranger that looked back at her.

Without saying a word, she apologized to herself, forgave herself, thanked herself, and loved herself, including the woman she was before, and who she fought to become. She was at peace, even if just for that moment. She knows she still has a way to go but she journeyed a long way from where she started and that is all that matters.

Are you her or are you ready to be her?

UnMotherFuckYourSelf will take you from the "what happened" to the "now what" and you control the narrative to now what!

Heal the shit your mother didn't, wouldn't, couldn't.


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