Stop the Cycle

Sometimes her mother broke her and left her in pieces.
Sometimes her mother cut her with the pieces of her own broken heart.
Sometimes her mother broke her and put her back together with her lies, her pain, her mistakes, her fears, and her shame.
She betrayed herself and par…

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Don't forget!

To be abused as a child by your mother is dehumanizing.

For that abuse by your mother to continue into your adulthood is dewomanizing. (I made that word up but it is true)
She abuses you because she sees you as her property not for who you are.
Daughters remember,
Fuck …

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Speak that Shit to Heal that Shit

Have you ever been at the mercy of someone you loved, hoping they would love you back but instead treated you as if you were a stranger or not even human? Each time they hurt you with their words, actions, or lack thereof, you inhaled pain and exhaled tears. Have you ever spent an entire day cryi…

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My Mother's Day Confession Another Layer of Healing

So this Mother's Day, I cried. I mean cried my eyes out, an ugly cry.
It hit me like a ton of bricks, that my oldest will be leaving for college soon (she will make her announcement later).
I (and when I say me, I am not talking as a single mom, she has a dad and I am…

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Mothering Yourself on Mother's Day

No stressing today!
You want to wish your mother a Happy Mother's Day but you really don't want to talk to her because things always go left, no matter the day..text her, drop off a card
You don't like to buy Mother's Day cards because they are not truly reflective of your relati…

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Interview on Project Real Love Podcast


Check out my interview on the Project Real Love Podcast with Joy Mpezeni, discussing toxic mother-daughter relationships!!!!

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Mic Check - Another Poem


The daughter who said fuck that shit healed that shit. Thee end!

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Fill Yo' Own Cup

If you make self-fulfillment a goal and fill yourself you won't have the capacity for your mother's toxicity. Nor will you be desperate for her crumbs.

Ask yourself, what do you want, expect, demand, even beg from your mother?

That is what you fill yourself up with and that is how you brea…

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Stop Playing Fire

Some daughters would rather feel pain from their abusive mother because if they didn't accept that, they would feel nothing at all from her. A sad truth to settle for less because you value your mother more than you value yourself, while she doesn't value you at all.

You ain't gotta set yours…

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Enough is Enough



You followed her rules.
Took their advice.

Honored your mother even when she dishonored herself, you, and motherhood

Been a passive participant in your life, an accessory to your own abuse by sacrificing yourself in the name of being a good daughter.

Your resiliency has bee…

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